Isabelle Tellié

Multiface collection No. # 1

350 EUR / In stock.
Acryl glass and diverse paper qualities 25,5 x 26 x 5 cm , 2016

"Multiface collection No. # 1" is a graphical artwork that replicate an optical illusion perception formed by lasercutting technology. The slightly translucent fabric is made of mostly acrylic glass and some durable paper materials and allows the viewer to deep into a meditative and reflecting state of mind.
This artwork got a mirror layer, which make the pattern disappear altogether. These reflective surfaces enhance the optical illusion effect and the unique perception of the spectator.
This acrylic glass constructions reflect elegantly with the light flow and the shadows interact with lasered shapes beautifully. When viewed from different angles or with changing natural light, it evokes varied emotions according to the viewer's unique perceptions of its space and form.
All picture frames contain a glass cover, which protects the artwork in case of damage or dust.